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  • special value and interest to modern scholars as [[cultural artifact]]s of the 19th and early 20th centuries. ...tors were American, and a New York office was established to run that side of the enterprise.{{Citation needed|date=June 2007}}
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  • ...anizational level after the current level's resources have been exhausted. In the private sector, emergency management is sometimes referred to as [[busi ...anagement context. This focuses on the mitigation and preparedness aspects of the emergency cycle (see below).
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  • records in enterprise-wide systems|local computerized records in a specific health-care organization|Electronic medical record}} [[Image:VistA Img.png|thumb|300px|Sample view of an electronic health record based on images]]
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  • ...itaries]], [[police department]]s and [[corporation]]s adopt to prevent or in response to terrorist threats and/or acts, both real and imputed. ...ticular context. Individuals, such as [[Timothy McVeigh]], may also engage in terrorist acts such as the [[Oklahoma City bombing]].
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  • ...erterrorist Center]]. He then worked again as Special Advisor to the Chief of the bin Laden unit from September 2001 to November 2004. ...terrorism''. 2006, page 243-4</ref> Osama bin Laden acknowledged the book in a 2007 statement, suggesting that it revealed "the reasons for your losing
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