Molecular imprinted polymer

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A molecular imprinted polymer (MIP), or plastic antibody is a polymer that was formed in the presence of a molecule that is extracted afterwards, thus leaving complementary cavities behind. These polymers show a certain chemical affinity for the original molecule and can be used to fabricate sensors, catalysis or for separation methods. The functional mechanism is similar to antibodies or enzymes.


The target molecule should have one or more functional groups and should not be polymerisable or retard the polymerisation process.


The first imprinted materials were sodium silicate-based and the first experimental use of these materials for separation of dyes was in 1949. However, the first protein imprinted polymer has been reported by Mosbach and his coworker Sellergren in 1985 by use of silane monomers for molecular imprinting and enzyme entrapment in polysiloxane-coated porous silica.[1]

Imprinting process

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