Ak 5

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Ak 5
A Swedish marine carrying an AK5 with the old stock, made of tubular steel and fitted with a muzzle blank shooting device.
Type Assault rifle
Place of origin  Belgium
Service history
Used by Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Police, Norwegian Police
Wars Kosovo War, Afghan War, Chad War
Production history
Manufacturer Bofors Carl Gustav
Produced 1985-
Number built ~190,000 + 5,200 (Ak 5B)
Variants See Variants
Weight 3.9 kg (8.6 lb)
Length 1,010 mm (39.8 in) stock extended
750 mm (29.5 in) stock folded
Barrel length 450 mm (17.7 in)

Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO
Rate of fire 650 or 700 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 930 m/s (3,051 ft/s)
Feed system 30-round detachable STANAG magazine
Sights Iron sights

The Ak 5 (sometimes AK5) is the Swedish version of the FN FNC assault rifle with certain modifications, mostly to adapt the weapon to the Swedish climate. The Ak 5 is the service rifle of the Swedish Armed Forces. Ak 5 is an abbreviation of automatkarbin 5 (literal translation "automatic carbine 5", "automatic carbine" is the Swedish term for assault rifle).[1] The rifle is also known as the CGA5, Bofors Carl Gustav Automatic carbine 5. The Ak 5 replaced the Ak 4 (licensed G3 copy) in Swedish service.

A modified version of the Colt M203 grenade launcher can also be attached to the Ak 5. This setup is simply designated Ak 5 med granattillsats (literal translation "Ak 5 with grenade [launcher] attachment").



Regular issue rifle with standard "iron sights".


The Ak 5B is the marksman version of the Ak 5. Modifications include fittings for a 4x SUSAT L9A1 tritium sight, a cheek pad on the buttstock, and removal of the iron sights. This weapon is typically carried by squad leaders.

  • Without magazine: 4.8 kg
  • With full magazine: 5.4 kg

Bofors Ak 5C / Bofors Ak 5CF

Final version of the AK5C

The Ak 5C is the modernized version of the original Ak 5 which is follows the trend of becoming a more modular weapon. Therefore, one of the most significant improvements is the MIL-STD-1913 rail system on to which a wealth of different optics, lights and sights can be mounted, such as telescopic sights and image intensifiers. For a comprehensive list of other improvements, see below.

Before the Ak 5C went into mass production it was to be thoroughly evaluated. This was done by letting certain units try an experimental model called the Ak 5CF where F stands for the Swedish word försök (meaning, in this context, experiment/trial). These tests were completed in June 2005 and four months later, FMV signed a contract with Saab Bofors Dynamics covering the modification of nearly 40,000 assault rifles, which will take the company approximately 4 years to implement. Serial deliveries are scheduled to begin in June 2006 and will first be issued to prioritized units which are stationed in Afghanistan (ISAF), Chad (EUFOR Chad/CAR), and Kosovo (KFOR).

New features of the Ak 5C compared to the original Ak 5:

  • Adjustable buttstock
  • Foldable emergency iron sights (for ranges up to 300 m)
  • Automatic bolt catch
  • Transparent plastic magazines
  • MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail system
  • New pistol grip (similar to the one on Ksp 90)
  • Modified hand guard
  • Forward vertical grip (detachable)
  • New flash suppressor
  • Bayonet lug
  • Tactical sling (nylon)

Contrary to popular belief, the Ak 5 mounted with the Colt M203 grenade launcher is not called the Ak 5C.

Bofors Ak 5D

Ak 5D seen here with an Aimpoint red dot sight.

The Ak 5D has a shortened barrel and handguard. It also features the MIL-STD-1913 rail system for easy mounting of a variety of sights.

Due to the smaller dimensions of the carbine, the Ak 5D is especially suited for ranger/urban warfare units and vehicle crews who often benefit from a more lightweight & compact weapon when taking into account the nature of their assignments and the environments in which they often operate. The Swedish police are also equipped with a version of the Ak 5D, see below.

There is also a Ak 5D Mk2 version available today. It has the same upgrades as the "C" but retains the shorter barrel.


The CGA5C2 (Carl Gustav Automatic Carbine 5 C2) was a prototype model during the development of the replacements/modifications to the original Ak 5 described in this article.


The Swedish and Norwegian police are equipped with a special version of the Ak 5D called CGA5P or sometimes, incorrectly named, Ak 5DP. Essentially it is a black Ak 5D (instead of the regular military green) with automatic fire capability disabled by a hex screw. Unlike the Ak 5D, the police version has fixed sights but is still equipped with the MIL-STD-1913 rail system to allow the use of telescopic sights or red dot sights. Unlike its military counterparts, except for the AK5C version, the police version also has safety catches on both sides of the weapon.

See also

  • Pindad SS1, similar Indonesian assault rifle also derived from the FNC


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