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Type Naval gun
Place of origin 23x15px Italy
Production history
Manufacturer Oto Melara
Variants Compact, Fast Forty
Weight 5,500 kg (without ammunition)
4.05 kg (HE round)
Height 2.4 m (turret)
1.3 m (Type A mount)
0.92 m (Type B mount)
Diameter 1.7 m (mount)
2,902 m (working circle)

Caliber 40 mm
Barrels 2 × Bofors 40 mm L/70
Elevation Minimum -15°
Maximum +83°
speed: 60°/s (70°/s Fast Forty)
Traverse speed: 90°/s (100°/s Fast Forty)
Rate of fire 2 × 300 round/min
2 × 450 round/min (Fast Forty)
Effective range 4,000 m (HE round)
Maximum range 8,700 m (AA with HE)
Feed system Magazine:
736 HE rounds (444 Type B mount)
Dual feed mechanism with 736 HE and 200 APFSDS rounds (Fast Forty)

DARDO, built by the Italian companies Breda and Oto Melara, is a Close-in weapon system (CIWS) composed of two Breda 40 mm L/70s firing high explosive (HE) shells, a fire-control radar (RTN-10X) and a fire-control system (RTN-20X and Dardo). It is the last of a long series of Italian anti-aircraft weapons derived from the Bofors 40 mm gun (Type 64, Type 106, Type 107, Type 564 and Type 520).

The system's primary purpose is defence against anti-ship missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and other precision guided weapons. However it can also be employed against fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, ships and other small craft, coastal targets, and floating mines. It is installed in an enclosed turret with two different mounts: the Type A with 440-round internal and 292-round under-deck magazines; and Type B with only the 440-round internal magazine (the Type B mount is fitted without deck penetration).

The Fast Forty is an improved version of the system with a higher rate of fire, dual magazine and dual feed mechanism to allow switching from HE to armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) rounds when a missile gets within 1,000 meters from the vessel.


Here are some platforms using the Breda DARDO:

23x15px Argentina

23x15px Bangladesh

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23x15px Italy

23x15px South Korea


23x15px Peru


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