Emotional clearing

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Emotional clearing (EMC) is a form of psychotherapy, developed in the 1980s. It spread mainly in Europe during the 1990s and has been championed by therapist John Ruskan. It continues today to have a following in many parts of the world including the US.

Emotional Clearing is a technique that allows suppressed negative emotions to be presented by the subconscious. The conscious awareness created by the technique leads to a natural clearing of these suppressed conditions that otherwise can influence perception and behavior.

It has been given support by some therapists and clinicians who have highlighted its use in dealing with conditions such as psychosis, depression, and anxiety. However, as a technique it has yet to be rigorously tested in controlled trials and little peer-reviewed data has been put forward for its effectiveness, with much of its supporting evidence remaining anecdotal. Its advocates however, stress its benefits, and believe it to be a new and valuable form of psychotherapy. Though the modality is innovative in this regard, the principles on which it relies are well known and accepted in domains concerned with philospophical, psychological and spiritual issues.

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