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Hologram therapy is the pseudoscientific practice of adorning oneself with hologram jewelry for enhancement of athletic performance. Merchants claim it to be a method in alternative holistic medicine that can improve general physical fitness and athletic prowess. It centers around wearing plastic holograms purported to resonate with frequencies that react positively with the putative energy field of the human body. Promoters borrow from concepts in crystal healing, vibrational medicine, energy medicine, and physics, but provide a sparse and disjointed scientific explanation.[original research?] The holograms are printed on stickers, plastic wristbands, and pendants.

An informal double-blind test has been performed on the Australian television program Today Tonight, led by Richard Saunders from the Australian Skeptics. The results showed strong evidence that the effect of the holograms is too small to measure against the placebo effect.[1] Promotors rely heavily on the ritualistic superstition that often characterizes athletes.[2] Key employees of Power Balance, LLC include the CEO, Troy Rodarmel, and the Chief Marketing Officer, Jay Lenstrom.[3] Another hologram therapy brand is EFX USA, [4] under the guidance of its president, Randy Largent.[2] Billabong makes its own hologram bracelets under a licensing agreement with EFX USA.[2]

Athletes who promote hologram therapy

Power Balance claim that the following athletes wear their holograms:[5]

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