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The M45 Quadmount (nicknamed the "meat chopper"[citation needed] and "Krautmower"[citation needed] for its high rate of fire) was a weapon mounting consisting of four M2 Browning machine guns mounted in pairs on each side of an electrically powered turret. It was built by the Maxon Mfg. Co. of New York to replace the earlier M33 twin mount.

Originally an anti-aircraft weapon, the M45 found greater use as an anti-infantry weapon.


The M45 can be combined with a variety of towed or self-propelled mounts. It can be combined with the M20 trailer, a light single axle trailer, or with the M17 trailer, a heavier tandem axle trailer based on a searchlight platform. When combined with the M17 trailer it was called the M51 Multiple Machine Gun Carriage, and when combined with the M20 trailer it was called the M55 Machine Gun Trailer Mount.

It can also be combined with the M3 Halftrack for greater mobility, in which it was called the M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage.


The M45 is operated by two loaders and one gunner. The mount is capable of traversing a full 360 degrees around, with an angle elevation between -10 and +90 degrees. Traverse, and elevation are electrically driven, powered by two 6 volt batteries that can be recharged by a generator.

The "tombstone" ammunition cans hold 200 rounds apiece.


File:M20 trailer mount.jpg
M20 trailer mount, 1947
File:M17 trailer mount.jpg
M17 trailer mount, 1947
  • TM 9-2800 Military vehicles dated 1947
  • TM 9-2010
  • TM 9-1223
  • FM 44-57

M20 trailer

  • SNL G220
  • TM 9-789

M17 trailer

  • SNL G221
  • TM 9-881

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