Rheinmetall RMK30

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Rheinmetall RMK30
Type Autocannon
Place of origin  Germany

RMK30 (Rückstoßfreie MaschinenKanone (Kaliber) 30; recoilless machine gun) is a recoilless 30 mm caliber autocannon firing caseless 30 x 250 mm ammunition cartridges. The gun was developed by the German company Mauser, which is now a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Detec AG. RMK30 is a three-chamber revolver cannon, the revolver and firing mechanism are driven by an electric motor, allowing variable rates of fire of up to 300 rounds/min. Part of the propellant gases is ejected to the rear of the cannon, compensating for the recoil and allowing lightweight and less rigid mounts.

RMK30 cannons have been proposed as upgrade for the Bundeswehr's (German armed forces) Tiger UHT attack helicopters. The UHT version currently lacks a gun, since the German Army was not happy with the recoil, accuracy and the range of the French GIAT 30 mm cannon which is fitted to other Tiger versions.

An unusual study suggests mounting an RMK30 gun in a retractable mast on a Type 212 submarine. Such masts would extend the capabilities of submarines, which currently lack appropriate means to fight small surface targets or just give warning shots.

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