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  • ...inflammatory medicines, medicines used to treat gout and disease modifying agents in rheumatoid disorders== ===Disease modifying agents used in rheumatoid disorders (DMARDs)===
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  • [[Category:Antihypertensive agents]] {{antihypertensive-stub}}
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  • ...e is now deprecated following introduction of alternative safer classes of agents. However, it continues to have a role in otherwise difficult to treat [[hyp ...adverse side effects, with increased use of other safer and more tolerable agents such as [[alpha blocker]]s, [[beta blocker]]s, and [[calcium channel blocke
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  • * Synergistic effects with other [[antihypertensive]]s (e.g. [[Doxazosin]]) "Diuretics and other masking agents"] ([[Portable Document Format|PDF]]) – Part S5 of the World Anti-Dopi
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  • '''Guanethidine''' is an [[antihypertensive]] drug that reduces the release of [[catecholamines]], such as noradrenalin Guanethidine was once a mainstay for hypertension resistant to other agents, but it is now rarely used in the US due to side effects and because substa
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  • ...or '''NAIDs''' - but also referred to as '''nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents/analgesics''' ('''NSAIAs''') or '''nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines ...s relate to [[gastrointestinal]] (GI) effects and [[renal]] effects of the agents.
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