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  • called ‘felting’ or ‘boiled wool’ by those practising fabric production crafts today (as distinguished from non-woven felt). One can create fulled [[Category:Production occupations]]
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  • ...ile [[clothier]] historically referred to someone who manufactured [[cloth production|cloth]], often under the [[domestic system]]. [[Category:Sales occupations]]
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  • [[Category:Production occupations]]
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  • ...s. This volume described in detail the diseases of workers in 52 different occupations<ref>[ Major R H: A Hi == Occupations at risk==
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  • there is exposure to any of the following substances in the specified occupations: | Manufacture, production, reclamation, storage, discharge, transport, use or [[polymerisation]]
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  • ...highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations; the prevention amongst workers of departures from health caused by their w ...(such as legal fees, fines, compensatory damages, investigation time, lost production, lost goodwill from the workforce, from customers and from the wider commun
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  • ...s of [[chromate]] and [[dichromate]]. Hexavalent chromium is used for the production of [[stainless steel]], textile dyes, wood preservation, [[leather tanning] ...[VI] compounds as encountered in the chromate production, chromate pigment production and chromium plating industries.
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  • ...pper]] smelting, processing of [[ore]], combustion of [[solid waste]], and production of paints and pigments.<ref name="Dart041424">[[#CITEREFDart04|Dart, Hurlbu ..."/> Lead may also be harmful to the developing [[immune system]], causing production of excessive [[inflammation|inflammatory]] proteins; this mechanism may mea
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  • ...oud sounds over time, the overstimulation of the hair cells leads to heavy production of reactive oxygen species, leading to oxidative cell death. In animal expe ...60, this number goes up to 70%.<ref name=occu/> The following is a list of occupations that are most susceptible to hearing loss:<ref name=occu/>
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  • ...[[Greece]], [[Asia Minor]]; [[Hispania]] alone accounted for 40% of world production.<ref name="Hong, Candelone, Patterson, Boutron 1994, 1841–1843"/> ===Production and recycling===
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  • ...power tools actually are, NIOSH is attempting to encourage the design and production of quieter power tools and the proper use of hearing protectors when using .... Construction, manufacturing, and mining are some of the most susceptible occupations to NIHL, since many workers in these fields are exposed to high levels of n
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