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Systematic (IUPAC) name
(((4,5α- Epoxy- 3-methoxy- 17-methylmorphinan- 6-ylidene) amino)oxy) acetic acid
CAS Number 7125-76-0
ATC code none
PubChem CID 9570253
ChemSpider 7844721
Synonyms Codoxime
Chemical data
Formula C20H24N2O5
Molar mass 372.415 g/mol[[Script error: No such module "String".]]
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Codoxime (Codossima) is an opiate analogue that is a derivative of hydrocodone, where the 6-ketone group has been replaced by carboxymethyloxime. It has primarily antitussive effects[1] and was found to have moderate potential to cause dependence in animal studies.[2]


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